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Barclays Bank Suffers Outage Due to Tech Glitch

Dominique Adams



The bank’s online, mobile and telephone banking has been taken offline by a major outage that has left customers unable to access their accounts online.

Barclays UK customers were this morning greeted with the message: “5 – Sorry- Barclays Online Banking is currently unavailable.” Customers began reporting the problem at approximately 10am this morning.

A spokesperson for the Barclays Bank told the Independent: “We’re currently experiencing some technical problems – customers are still able to use Barclays Mobile Banking app to check their balance, make and receive payments. We’re on it, and as soon as it’s fixed we’ll let you know.”

Barclays Offering Apologies Via Social Media

The bank has been responding to customers via social media, acknowledging the issue and saying it hopes to be back up and running as soon as possible. Several of Barclays businesses customers have complained that they are currently unable to organise tomorrow’s payments for staff.

Customers have been told they are still able to use in-branch services, however, the bank has admitted that service has been intermittent leaving many customers fearful for the coming weekend.

It is still unclear what has caused the outage or when the problem will be resolved. The bank had warned that it would be working on its systems on the morning of Sunday 23 September and that customers would not be able to make payments to non-Barclays accounts or use online banking during that time.

It is not known if the issues are related to this. This incident follows on from TSB’s technical debacle, which left thousands of customers locked out of their accounts and saw the banked plagued for months with further technical problems.

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