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Brainnwave Targets Global Expansion After Series A Investment

Ross Kelly


The new co-venture will fulfil Hatch’s digital ambitions and extend Brainnwave’s global reach.

Scottish augmented business intelligence firm Brainnwave has completed a Series A investment round worth £5.9 million with Hatch, a leading engineering, project management, and professional services firms.

Following the investment, the two organisations announced the formation of a co-venture. The partnership will combine Brainnwave’s machine learning analytics platform with Hatch’s knowledge of the metals and mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

Crucially, the new co-venture will provide Brainnwave with access to a global client roster and enable the Edinburgh-headquartered firm to expand its headcount by 100 people across a range of highly-skilled roles.

Brainnwave also revealed it intends to upscale the company’s Edinburgh and London locations.

Brainnwave CEO and co-founder, Steve Coates, commented: “This partnership made sense because both organisations are like-minded in their entrepreneurial approach, willingness to do things differently and challenge the status quo, and propensity to develop game-changing solutions.

“This co-venture was the ideal opportunity to combine Brainnwave’s unique tech stack and expertise with the deep industry relationships and sector expertise of Hatch to build things together, tackling some of today’s most important issues.”

Brainnwave’s augmented business intelligence solution is currently used by organisations including William Grant & Sons, Aggreko and Metropolitan Thames Valley. The innovative platform combines data exploration and visualisation to rapidly improve decision making capabilities.

Alim Somani, managing director of Hatch’s digital practice said: “We know our clients are facing tremendous challenges and need solutions now, not years from now.

“Our partnership with Brainnwave helps us develop practical, innovative solutions for our clients’ challenges and accelerates our ability to deliver them quickly so that our clients can begin to reap the benefits.”


Initially, the co-venture will focus on creating solutions to target two of the world’s most pressing issues, climate change and urbanisation.

Following the conclusion of COP26 on 13th November, the two firms believe that this presents a prime opportunity for businesses to consider their climate contribution and how they can limit their impact on the global emergency.

Hatch said it plans to bring its expertise in climate change and technology together to create climate intelligence software that focuses on the unique challenges facing organisations in the metals and mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

Utilising the Brainnwave platform, Hatch will be able to give organisations the power to put their plans into action and have a positive impact on the future of the planet.

Both organisations believe the new platform could play a key role in helping governments globally to plan for a more sustainable future in the face of population growth, economic disparity, and climate change.

Brainnwave will give local authorities the ability to dig deeper into their data, uncover actionable insights, and build economic development plans that will have a lasting impact on their communities for years to come.

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