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Brightsolid Partnership to Transform Dundee City Council IT Services

Ross Kelly



The migration marks another significant partnership for Brightsolid.

Brightsolid has announced that Dundee City Council is using its Dundee data centre to host 95% of the Council’s information and communications technology.

The migration took place in summer 2020, Brightsolid revealed, offsetting an expected investment of £1 million that would have been required for the Council to continue using its on-premises data centres.

When senior management at the Council realised their data centres needed significant upgrades to keep running, they began looking at ways to optimise cost without impacting operations.

An early cost analysis showed continuing with on-premises data centres would require an investment of up to £1m, so they approached Brightsolid to discuss options.

The result was a co-location agreement to move the majority of the council’s ICT to Brightsolid’s Tier III designed data centre in Dundee. The project forms the Council’s first step towards its long-term goal of relying largely on the public cloud.

By choosing to co-locate to Brightsolid’s Dundee data centre, the Council achieved increased resilience and improved the management and monitoring of services, and off-set that future investment.

“We were pleased by the smooth migration to the data centre and have also seen ongoing benefits such as improved management and monitoring of services, especially out of working hours,” said Graeme Quinn, Senior Manager IT Infrastructure at Dundee City Council.

“This, combined with Brightsolid’s flexible billing structure, allows us to turn infrastructure efficiencies into significant cost savings,” Quinn added.

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Dundee City Council said the remaining 5% of its ICT will stay onsite to aid the local authority in connecting with Brightsolid’s data centre.

“Dundee City Council is not unique in its desire for flexibility and scalability alongside lower costs. These are precisely the demands co-location meets,” said Brightsolid CEO Elaine Maddison.

“By moving to our data centre the Council will enjoy increased resilience and the flexibility to scale infrastructure based on need, leading to cost savings in the long run,” Maddison added.

Ross Kelly

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