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Edinburgh Laser Specialist Chromacity Targets Key Partner in Japan

David Paul


Chromacity and MSH Systems
The company is using Scottish Enterprise’s support to collaborate with Japan-based photonics specialists MSH Systems.

Ultrafast laser firm Chromacity and MSH Systems will work together to supply and distribute ultrashort pulse lasers in Japan.

The collaboration will see MSH Systems, with its base in Tokyo, make use of Chromacity’s fixed wavelength femtosecond lasers and picosecond optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) for imaging and sensing applications.

MSH Systems provides a wide range of optical components, lasers and spectroscopy equipment for industrial applications and academic institutes across Japan.

Commenting on the collaboration, Shahida Imani, CEO of Chromacity, and newly appointed Vice-Chair of the Photonics Leadership Group said: “The Asia Pacific region presents a significant opportunity for our ultrashort pulse lasers.

“We know that major industrial players in Japan are interested in the reliability and tunable wavelengths of our systems, so establishing in-country relationships with key channel partners, like MSH Systems, is absolutely vital to our success in the region.”

Chromacity has leveraged support provided by Scottish Enterprise (SE) to form the partnership, including its Scaling Services team and international network.

SE has supported the firm since its formation, helping Chromacity to make the transition from a university spin-out in 2013 into fully fledged company.

Through its international arm, Scottish Development International (SDI), SE organised access to the Japanese market through its global network, helping to identify photonics expertise such as the Japan Photonics Council and MSH Systems.

Victoria Carmichael, Director of Strategic Investment at SE, said: “The fact that Chromacity is now making significant in-roads in international markets is no surprise.

“We’ve long championed Chromacity as a company with excellent technological expertise and high growth potential – from its early days to our recent equity investment and via the invaluable support of our field colleagues in Asia.”


MSH System’s partnership with Chromacity follows the laser manufacturer’s recent supply and distribution announcement with Photonteck in China.

Analysts predict that the ultrafast laser market in the Asia Pacific region is set to increase from $500 million in 2021 to $1.2 billion by 2028.

Katsuo Morita, CEO of MSH Systems, added: “We are very excited to establish a partnership with Chromacity and offer its ultrafast lasers to the Japanese market.

“The affordability of Chromacity’s plug and play optical parametric oscillators will help our customers to advance their research and develop industrial applications.”

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David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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