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Conspiracy Theorists Take Over Glastonbury 5G Safety Report

David Paul


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Several members of the group who wrote the report have stepped down, concerned it may ‘lend credibility’ to 5G conspiracy theories.

A recent report published by Glastonbury council surrounding the safety of 5G in the town has been hijacked by conspiracy theorists.

The report called on the government to begin an enquiry into the safety of 5G networks in Glastonbury, something many are concerned about.

But some group members say that the report was “hijacked” by 5G conspiracy activists and “faith healers” talking about the dangers of 5G to public health.

Councillor Jon Cousins, the committee’s chairman, told BBC News that he “disagrees” with the idea that the report was biased or skewed by conspiracy theorists.

He said: “Equal weight was given to all contributions. We’re able to take into account the prejudice, predetermination and bias displayed on all sides of the argument.”

However, three members of the working group said they have resigned because of the takeover. Mark Swann, one of the a group member who resigned, said: “The whole thing was completely biased from the beginning.

“Genuine scientific expertise has been scorned in favour of conspiracy and hearsay.”

The recent spread of Covid-19 has seen many turn to conspiracy theories linking the virus with 5G. Several celebrities have taken to social media to endorse the idea that 5G is causing, and increasing the spread of, Covid-19.

This has caused instances of 5G masts to be vandalised and network engineers being assaulted while carrying out repairs. 5G is being hailed transformative technology amid global roll-outs. It is the next generation of mobile phone technology, but it also potentially has many other uses.

In Scotland, it is being considered how 5G can be used in several areas, including providing connectivity in rural areas due to its increased capacity and range, enhancing live entertainment and introducing smart subway travel.

In March, an international radiation body in charge of setting limits on radiation exposure in broadcasting has declared millimetre-wave 5G safe for use after updating its guidelines for the first time in 20 years.


But the recent incident with the Glastonbury report shows that the debate surrounding the safety fears of 5G is still ongoing.

Nevertheless, 5G is already being rolled out across the UK, with no sign of stopping as telecom giants EE and O2 already running 5G networks in Edinburgh.

Digital Minister Matt Warman said on the rollout of 5G in Britain: “We want the UK to be a global leader in 5G and for most of the population to have access to a 5G signal by 2027.

“This investment by O2 is a great step forward in rolling out the technology across our home nations, providing a world-class infrastructure to help us grow our economy and compete strongly.”

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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