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Contactless Food Ordering to Aid Social Distancing Measures

David Paul


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Two Scottish tech companies have teamed up to add a safe, contactless food ordering system through a hotel guest app.

Hospitality tech companies Criton and Hungrrr have partnered to offer contactless food ordering services to hotels through their guest app.

The system will allow guests to use a specially-designed phone app to self-order and pay for food and drinks without coming into contact with staff.

Criton said the partnership could enable the hospitality sector to further digitise its guest interactions and reduce the number of physical touchpoints.

In May, Criton announced that its platform would be completely free until 2021, enabling hotel owners to transition to digital services as the pandemic forces many to re-evaluate everything from booking to concierge services.

Julie Grieve, founder and CEO of Criton, said: “Our partnership with Hungrrr is the perfect solution for hotels re-assessing their F&B (food and beverage) services ready for when they can welcome guests once again.

“Digitising the guest journey has never been more important and it is heartening to see the commitment by the sector as a whole to embrace new ways of working.

“All hoteliers will need to instil confidence and the additional capabilities of the app now mean that they can also offer their guests a simple, contactless way to order and pay from a restaurant or bar menu while maintaining physical distancing.

“The solution can be used for room service, restaurant ordering and takeaway, both by in- house guests and casual diners. It is the perfect complement to the existing features of our guest app and I am particularly pleased that the partnership with Hungrrr effectively allows hotels to minimise spend as they reopen.”

Since the offer was made, Criton has significantly increased the number of hotels using its white-labelled app, which can be branded and configured to suit the individual property.

Scott Campbell, Commercial Director of Hungrrr, said: “We are very proud that our platform has been chosen by Criton to assist hoteliers as they reopen their hotels.

“The system has been developed over several years and it is hard to imagine a piece of software more perfectly designed than our platform to assist businesses in this current challenging environment.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Criton in partnership on this project. We greatly admire their technology and their team. We very much look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.”


As the lockdown is relaxed across the UK, the hospitality industry will need to find new and innovative ways to restart operations while continuing to maintain social distancing and Covid-19 rules, and technology is likely to play a key role.

Scottish tech start-up ePOS Hybrid recently released another version of the contactless self-service system using mobile phones and QR codes to select table numbers, place orders and pay.

The company hopes to provide another way for bars and restaurants to re-open safely and comply with social distancing guidelines.

Andrew Gibbon, Head of Growth at ePOS Hybrid, said: “As soon as the UK went into lockdown, we knew the hospitality sector would need to quickly adapt – not only to meet the changing market conditions but to meet a range of new legislation and strict guidelines put in place by the government in light of Covid-19.

“We want to be able to help more hospitality businesses regain their customer base and survive one of the worst crises to ever hit the market,” he said.

The software is due to be released towards the end of June and could remove the need to wait in queues at counters or bars and reduce the number of times staff come into contact with customers.

Gibbon continued: “By developing these new products and services, we’re helping our clients react to the changing circumstances, and enabling them to re-open safely and in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

“Without this technology, many hospitality businesses would struggle to re-open.”

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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