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Deloitte: Digital Transformation is the Key Priority for UK CMOs in 2022

Graham Turner


Deloitte digital transformation
Accelerating the move to digital platforms and technologies is the leading priority for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) in the UK over the next 12 months.

Deloitte’s inaugural UK CMO survey has found that almost half (45%) of the 120 CMOs surveyed highlight digital transformation as one of their leading priorities for the next 12 months.

This comes as previous Deloitte Digital research found that one third (33%) of consumers said they did not think online services were good enough.

Other leading priorities for UK CMOs in the year ahead include improving productivity and efficiency (39%) and driving greater revenue (33%). In comparison, just 8% plan to focus on retaining their top talent.

Deloitte’s research finds CMOs are prizing analytical skills over creativity within their teams. 31% of CMOs say that their highest-performing team member possesses analytical experience, which accounts for their success. In comparison, just 18% cite creative experience as the key reason for their strongest team member’s success.


Becky Skiles, chief marketing officer in Deloitte Digital, comments: “Creativity will always be at the heart of a marketing team, but analytics play an increasingly critical role. Marketing teams need to be as confident wrangling big data and AI models as they are with creating beautiful creative campaigns – and even more important is linking one to the other.

“The focus for marketers in 2022 must be to ensure that neither creativity nor analytics is side-lined, whether this is in the roll-out of new campaigns, digital platforms, or products and services. Analytics-powered marketing is the key to ensure a seamless, secure and superior customer experience.”

Findings from Deloitte’s UK CMO survey are included in the firm’s Global Marketing Trends report, an annual report highlighting seven trends that will impact the industry in the year-ahead.

Trends in the report include ‘meeting customers in a cookieless world’, ‘building the intelligent creative engine’, ‘designing a human-first data experience’, ‘supercharging customer service with AI’ and ‘purpose – a beacon for growth’, ‘elevating the hybris experience’ and ‘authentically inclusive marketing’.

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