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DIGIT Leaders 2018

On 21st June, Edinburgh will play host to Scotland’s DIGIT Leaders IT Summit, bringing senior technologists from across Scotland together for knowledge exchange, discussion and networking.

IT is evolving: the role of Information Technology within the organisation has fundamentally changed, drawn from a background support function into a crucial centre of innovation, value creation and competitive edge. More than ever before, the success and failure of the organisation is being defined by its technological ability.

Amidst this transition, the dynamics of the IT industry are also changing: there has been a substantial shift to outsourced models, from storage and CRM to critical infrastructure and disaster recovery. The shift to software orientated models and XaaS is redefining the role with much greater emphasis on service agreements, outsourcing and vendor management.

Leadership must change to adjust to the rapidly shifting digital environment. The business landscape is almost unrecognisable from the turn of the century; entire industries have disappeared while a contingent of new technology giants have grown into the most successful companies of our age. All around us business, technology, media, culture and society have converged. Against this tumultuous backdrop of constant disruption, leaders must be more nimble and responsive, more innovative and exploratory, leading change within their organisations by example.

The upcoming DIGIT Leaders conference will contextualise this evolution of IT, examining the changing role of technology within the business and the inherent implications for IT personnel. The event is geared for senior IT, Digital, business and finance leaders, providing a unique forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.

DIGIT Leader: 21 June 2018, Dynamic Earth Edinburgh: Register now –

The conference is free to attend for qualifying IT & Digital personnel.

The conference will feature insight from a stellar line-up of speakers from across the business community.

Speakers include:

Find out more about the conference and book your ticket on the DIGIT Leaders 2018 conference website.

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