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Digital Transformation 2021 Summit | Just Three Days to Go!

Michael Behr


Digital Transformation 2021 Summit
The Digital Transformation summit will bring together industry experts to discuss technology innovation and organisational change.

We are now just three days away from the Digital Transformation (DT) 2021 Summit, held on Thursday 28th October.

The 6th annual DT Summit, which will be held both physically and online, will contextualise key tech trends and industry disruption after a period of significant socio-economic upheaval as society looks to regrow and recover.

DT 2021 will also consider the role of IT and Digital leaders in driving positive transformation, exploring how we can help support operations, drive innovation, overcome challenges and deliver tangible business benefits.

The conference is geared towards senior technologists and digital leaders, providing an insightful peer-led environment and a valuable forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.

Commenting on the event, DIGIT Director Ray Bugg said: “The past year and a half has had a profound effect on the uptake of digital technology. Not only have we seen tech become embedded in people’s lives and expand its reach, we have seen real evidence for the positive social benefits it can bring.

“With business and industry perspectives shifting, this is the perfect time to understand how organisations can stay ahead of these new trends – managing new risks, creating new revenue streams, and changing the way customers and businesses work together.

“At DT 2021, we will explore how the digital transformation has progressed over the last year and look to future trends and disruptions, both in Scotland and the wider world.”

2021 speakers include:

  • Graham Johnston, Sr Director of Omnichannel, Asda
  • Pooja Jain, CEO & Founder, CogniHealth
  • Derek Smith, Head of Digital Engineering, Virgin Money
  • Rhona MacLennan, Principal Solutions Architect, TORCH @ The Data Lab
  • Sonali Mohapatra, Space Applications Lead, Craft Prospect
  • Simon Haston, CIO Regions & Devolved Government, BT
  • Alan Somerville, Chief Strategy Officer, arbnco
  • Patrick Grillo, Sr Director Solutions Marketing, Fortinet
  • Alan Lees, Scotland Director, BT
  • Inez Hogarth, Managing Director, Data Understood
  • Gary Haldane, Digital Director, Kingdom Housing Association
  • Julie Snell, Chair, Scotland 5G Centre
  • Nick Condon, Managing Director, Squiz
  • Rich Wilson, CEO, Gigged.AI

Going Hybrid

This year, the Summit will be run as a physical and virtual event, our second hybrid event since the pandemic. The event will bring together delegates and speakers from across industries at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on October 28th.

Register Now!

Register your free* place online, for physical attendance or virtual attendance

The conference is free to attend for personnel working Technical, IT, Digital or C-level roles at end-user organisations.



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