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£1.8m Investment to Accelerate Dyneval Expansion Plans

Ross Kelly


A Scottish biotechnology startup has secured more than £1.8 million in funding as the firm accelerates expansion plans.

Dyneval, a Roslin-based biotechnology startup, has raised £1.29 million in Series A equity investment as part of a collaborative funding round.

A host of investors pledged support through the Series A, including Northern Irish entrepreneur Jim Dobson, Kelvin Capital, Par Equity, Gabriel Investments, and Scottish Enterprise.

Dyneval revealed the funding will be used to recruit seven more personnel over the coming months and support the roll-out of its first product, Dynescan.

Set to launch in 2022, Dynescan aims to improve cattle conception rates, which have fallen by 20% over the past four decades and cost the average UK dairy farmer around £37,000 per year.

Dynescan is a portable instrument that provides reliable measurements of livestock semen quality, ensuring only the right samples are used for reproduction. Independent analysis suggests that if conception rates can be elevated by 27%, the carbon footprint of farming could be reduced by up to 20%.

Commenting on the investment, Dyneval CEO Tiffany Wood said: “The Series A funding will be critical to launching our product and growing our team – it is an incredibly exciting time for our business.”

Jim Dobson added: “Dyneval met our criteria of being an early-stage company, looking for smart money with a focus on a solution that is a clear win for agri-production, not only in the UK, but globally.

“We look forward to an exciting journey with a great team in Dyneval as they aim to address key challenges in the agri-food supply chain.”

As part of the investment round, Dyneval also secured a £575,000 grant from InnovateUK through the Transforming Food Production Series A Investor Partnership.


This funding builds on a £100,000 award granted to the firm at the Scottish Edge competition earlier this year.

Dyneval won the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) Edge award at the ceremony, which helped support the development of the Dynescan platform.

Liz Fletcher, director of business engagement and operations at IBioIC, said: “We are proud to have supported Dyneval in its journey so far and are pleased to see the company attract substantial funding from a group of venerable investors.

“The company is delivering world-leading innovation that could make a significant difference to the agri-food supply chain, and the drive towards more sustainable farming practices. Dyneval’s technology has global potential, making it a great example of the type of early-stage company we need to support and nurture in Scotland.”

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