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New Head of Cyber Security and Innovation Seconded to SBRC

Dominique Adams


Eamonn Keane: SBRC Cyber Crime

Police Scotland’s Head of Cybercrime and Investigations to work with SBRC to help make Scotland more cyber resilient.

Detective Inspector Eamonn Keane, one of Police Scotland’s foremost cyber security officers has been seconded indefinitely to the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC). Keane will be taking up the role of Police Scotland Cyber Lead at SBRC, he will bring with him 33 years of experience. During his tenure with the police force, Keane worked across a diverse range of areas such as criminal investigation, terrorism, serious organised crime, child and public protection.

His most recent role saw him on the frontline of the war on cybercrime where he played a vital role in the forensic investigation of many national and international digital crimes. Keane will be joining the organisation’s senior management team and will work closely with the force to provide accessible advice, training and advice to organisations.

Keane Said of His Appointment:

“I am thrilled to be on board with SBRC, helping to service businesses of all sizes across Scotland facing significant digital threat – so much of which is indiscriminate. The need is greater than ever for collaboration between business, the public sector and academia in order to prepare Scotland for modern-day attacks on workplace digital systems.”

“However, it is much easier to prevent than to predict. Simple, clear guidelines and advice for businesses – such as always updating software when it prompts you to do so – is the key to prevention. By also working alongside Scotland’s universities, we can help to keep our emerging talent working here at home, nurturing the impressive skills of today’s young coders and developers and preparing the future workforce for potential threat that they may face.”

Mandy Haeburn-Little, CEO of SBRC said:

“As a friend of the SBRC for a number of years, Eamonn will make an enormous contribution to the ongoing development and growth of SBRC and its services. We recently restructured the cyber activity we offer to business and this is a key milestone for us. We will now be able to push on with additional resources and expertise available through SBRC. This is a key appointment for us.”

“In Scotland, we are developing new and excellent skills and products to help our businesses prepare for modern-day risk – as a small nation, that unique collaboration is easier to achieve than in other larger countries.”

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