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This Startup Has a Solution to Social Distancing in the Hospitality Sector

Ross Kelly



Customers can view a bar, restaurant or cafés menu, order food and drinks, and even pay directly from their phones all by scanning a QR code.

A Scottish startup hopes to assist bars and restaurants to re-open safely and comply with social distancing guidelines.

Edinburgh-based tech firm ePOS Hybrid has been working on a new contactless self-ordering system which allows customers to process their full orders from a smartphone.

As businesses across the country begin to re-open, systems such as this could provide reassurance to customers, according to Andrew Gibbon, Head of Growth at ePOS Hybrid.

“As soon as the UK went into lockdown, we knew the hospitality sector would need to quickly adapt – not only to meet the changing market conditions, but to meet a range of new legislation and strict guidelines put in place by the government in light of Covid-19,” he said.

“We want to be able to help more hospitality businesses regain their customer base and survive one of the worst crises to ever hit the market,” Gibbon added.

Technology will likely play a key role in enabling businesses to re-open and engage with customers remotely. Gibbon noted that without systems such as these, many hospitality firms will continue to face significant challenges.

“By developing these new products and services, we’re helping our clients react to the changing circumstances, and enabling them to re-open safely and in compliance with social distancing guidelines. Without this technology, many hospitality businesses would struggle to re-open.”

ePOS Hybrid Edinburgh

The new system, which is due to launch on 22nd June, could remove the need to wait in queues at counters or bars and reduce the number of times staff come into contact with customers.

Customers are able to scan a QR code at a table with their phone, select a table number, place an order and pay. Orders are then sent directly to the kitchen and are served when ready.

Bar and restaurant staff can manage all of their orders from a point of sale (POS) system or tablet, also enabling them to maintain social distancing.

ePOS Hybrid has developed one of the most fully-integrated ePOS (electronic point of sale) platforms in the world. The Edinburgh startup has raised eyebrows in both the technology and hospitality sectors over the past year.

At the beginning of 2020, the firm raised £400,000 from backers and a crowdfunding campaign.

Ross Kelly

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