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Last Chance For Tickets To The First Fortiscot Cyber Security Event

Brian Baglow


Fortiscot - Cyber Security Event

Register now for the first ever FORTISCOT cyber security event. Tickets are FREE and going fast.

Fortiscot is a brand new cyber security event. Created by security experts Barrier Networks, this year’s inaugural conference focuses on the benefits of utilising threat intelligence within a security strategy.

Fortiscot takes place at the GlassHouse in central Edinburgh on Tuesday October 10th and is free to attend.

The event will cater for anyone with an interest in the latest developments in the rapidly evolving cyber security sector, as well as those already using, or interested in using Fortinet technologies.

The full agenda for the day, as well as the full speakers list for Fortiscot can be found online.

FORTISCOT Cyber Security EventSpeakers include:

Colin Keltie – CTO – Barrier Networks

Colin has more than 20 years experience in architecting, delivering and supporting secure IT services in the financial services sector. During this time he has been been responsible for numerous technology platforms including mainframes, networks, application delivery controllers and Security Operations Centre technologies. He has written and executed cyber simulation exercises, trained SoC analysts and technicians and developed playbooks and processes for global cyber response teams. Colin will be discussing how to address the challenges of modern day security operations.

Jamie Rodderick – Cyber Protection Team Leader – British Army

Jamie will be talking about leveraging threat intelligence and the Carver Matrix as part of an incident response process.

Mostafa Siraj – Senior Security Advisor – Whitehat Security

Mostafa is a globally recognised Information Security expert specialising in Application Security.  He is a regular guest speaker in several global security events such as AppSec US, Microsoft Innovation Day, IP Expo and InfoSec.  Mostafa will be explaining the benefits of integrating dynamic and static application security testing into the software development lifecycle.

Ian McGowan – Founder and Managing Consultant – Barrier Networks

Ian has over 17 years experience in cyber security from within Finance, Defence and Government.  He has spoken at a number of security conferences including ScotTech and Fortinet 361 in Vienna this year.  His talk will discuss how digital transformation has increased the challenges organisations face and how advanced threat protection techniques can help.

You can book tickets to the first ever Fortiscot event here.

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