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Google Users Frustrated by Major Worldwide Outage

Michael Behr



The outage caused problems for people working from home, with many relying on Google’s online services.

Google users worldwide have reported problems accessing the company’s online services, with outages starting early in the morning on August 20th.

Some users could not log into their Gmail accounts, while others said that new emails were not showing up in the app or they had problems adding attachments to emails.

Google Drive and other parts of its office productivity suite G Suite were also affected, with users unable to upload new files. Google’s app status page indicated that Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Keep and Google Voice also experienced service disruptions.

In addition, Google-owned YouTube warned that some users experienced delays in video uploads processing.

The issue has affected thousands of users, with the worst affected areas being in India, parts of the US, Australia, Japan and Malaysia. Additional outages included multiple parts of Europe, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

According to, reports started at around 04:40 am GMT. Google reported that the issue had been resolved at 12:10 pm GMT

“We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support,” Google said on its G Suite Status dashboard. “System reliability is a top priority at Google. We are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.”

While Google has not announced what caused the outage there are rumours that glitches in updates to the firm’s cloud service may have been responsible.

Experts have claimed that this is the largest failure of Google’s services in its 16-year history.

This incident has raised concerns over the growing dependence of the web’s underlying infrastructure on a small number of large tech companies. One problem can affect large portions of the internet, hitting any website or company that relies on their services.

With around 1.8 billion users worldwide, Gmail is the world’s biggest email service, while G Suite passed the two-billion monthly active user mark at the end of last year.


The outage comes as many people continue working from home due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Workers across Europe, the Middle East and Asia were affected during peak work hours, with many companies and individuals relying on Google’s services for their jobs.

Scottish residents are also still suffering from sporadic internet problems after storms caused widespread outages around the country.

A similar worldwide outage hit Gmail and Google Drive in March 2019 preventing people from sending emails. Network congestion prevented users of Google Cloud, G Suite, and YouTube from accessing their accounts or caused a major slowdown in operations.

Michael Behr

Senior Staff Writer

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