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Care Comparison Company Looking Healthy

Chloe Henderson


Healthcare Company Care Sourcer Looking Healthy

Edinburgh-based Care Sourcer has been nominated for the Technology Innovation prize at the PwC Private Business Awards. The company’s technology provides an online matching tool that pairs care-seekers with care-providers who can best meet the needs of a care request.  

The nomination comes shortly after the HealthTech organisation raised a £500,000 seed round from Accelerated Digital Ventures (AVG) and BGF Ventures.

“Care Sourcer is the first care comparison and matching website in the UK. Currently there is no way for care providers to approach care seekers directly other than through the local authorities,” company CEO Andrew McGinley told DIGIT.

Care Sourcer is seeking to simplify the process by allowing care seekers to fill out a five-minute care request form that is sent to all providers registered in the area. “The providers are then able to offer help directly to a care seeker, who can make a decision based on quality, costs, and availability.”

McGinley identified the need for a central marketplace for care after working as director of operations at the Prestige Nursing Care Edinburgh branch. He found the existing system to be “inefficient,” with those seeking care forced to contact local providers to check for availability.

“Currently the processes that are out there are directory-based, which means that care-seekers have to call up to ten to fifteen providers before they can potentially find somebody that might be able to help.

“Because we were only focused on a specific geography, there were a lot of requests that we were unable to service. It wasn’t comfortable to just recommend other people’s services when you didn’t know the needs and finances of the client.”

Care Sourcer HealthTech company LogoMcGinley also recognised the potential role that technology could play in revolutionising how we deliver health services and deal with clients and staff.

“In the UK we are potentially behind in this field. Part of that is due to the demand on delivery and operational requirements from a business. There’s not really been much opportunity at all to innovate in the HealthTech sector. The sector is also generally run by slightly older generations. It’s former businessmen and businesswomen that have been in the sector for many years, and haven’t really had that technology push.”

Despite this, he believes that Scotland is an innovator in HealthTech, “There are three or four other brilliant companies out there, not doing the same products as we are doing, but in HealthTech. They are all contributing to the better quality of care and more efficiency in the market.

“Care comparison is new. It’s a new concept in our sector, but has been around in other sectors such as travel and accommodation for nearly ten years.”

He also attributes some of Code Sourcer’s success to the support they received from technology incubators, such as CodeBase, and the opportunity to learn from other tech startups in Edinburgh. “I’m a strong advocate for CodeBase. We’ve been resident there since about June last year, and for us it really has been an incubator, especially as non-technical founders.”

Moving forward, Code Sourcer is using their £500,000 seed round to fund product development, user experience design, and digital marketing. They are also seeking to bring all of their technological development in-house, and are on the look-out for talent in the fields of SEO, content, and digital marketing.

Chloe Henderson

Staff Writer - DIGIT

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