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Demand for IT Professionals in Scotland is On the Rise

Dominique Adams


New figures reveal that demand for IT professionals in Scotland has increased by nearly a quarter over the past year. 

IT vacancies in Scotland in September were up by 24% compared to September of last year, according to new research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSco).

Data provided by recruitment software company Innovantage also shows overall demand for professional staff has increased 16%.

Moya Ryland, regional director at APSco, said: “After months of progress, professional job availability in Scotland is seeing continued growth. Leading this success is the country’s IT sector, which is going from strength to strength.”

Ryland attributes such a positive growth in demand to developments in the sector, highlighting Mundano‘s £6.9 million investment in a new Edinburgh office to create artificial intelligence project management software.

Speaking of Mundano’s investment, she said: “Moves such as this are vital to the Scottish economy to fuel growth, further investment and endorse the country’s strength in the sector. This will no doubt connect more businesses with the skilled workforce creating more job opportunities in the region.

“Mundano is great example of how companies are seeing the benefits Scotland has to offer. Additionally, with the Scottish Government offering £48 million to a National Manufacturing Institute in the country this will harness innovation by allowing companies in the sector to access new technologies and talent pools.”

Scotland Must Rise to Meet Job Demand

As Scotland’s tech sector flourishes it is likely that this figure will continue to increase. Earlier this year, PwC researchers predicted that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could lead to a net increase of 15,000 jobs in Scotland by 2037, however, this estimate assumes the UK will avoid a hard Brexit.

With an increasing demand for IT professionals it is important that Scotland’s digital skills gap is bridged. Already, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has reported that 82% of Scottish businesses find it difficult to recruit staff with the required digital skills and experience.

According to Maggie Morrison, VP of IT consultancy CGI, Scotland requires nearly 13,000 new entrants a year to keep pace with demand and says more will be required to accelerate Scotland’s tech sector.

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