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Infralink and Tay Cities Join to Encourage Mobile Infrastructure Investment

Victoria Roberts


Four local authorities in the Tay Cities Region are to adopt new ways of working with the mobile sector to deliver a smarter and fairer network across the region.

Four local Tay Cities authorities are to adopt a new Infralink programme to deliver a smarter and fairer network across the region.

The four authorities, Angus, Dundee, Fife, Perth & Kinross, are working with Infralink to support the next generation of communication needs.

Together, they aim to promote the rollout of digital connectivity across the region, and is a project partially funded by The Scotland 5G Centre.

Paul Coffey, CEO of The Scotland 5G Centre has said: “At the moment there is a disconnect between network operators and landowners, and bringing these two groups together is an important step in creating out next generation of communication networks.

“I’m delighted that these four local authorities are making the commitment to increasing mobile infrastructure and collaborating through the Infralink programme to help dive mobile connectivity and aid the development of 5G in Scotland.”

The Tay Cities Deal region is well placed to take this initiative forward due to its varied urban and rural areas, significant commercial activity and interest, and public sector initiatives such as the Shared Rural Network.

Councillor John Alexander, Chair of the Tay Cities Region Deal Joint Committee, has commented: “We are delighted to be working with Infralink as they begin engagement with mobile operators to encourage investment and promote the ongoing rollout of cutting-edge digital connectivity across the Tay Cities region.

“This commitment will allow us to achieve our collective goals of creating a smarter, fairer region and will benefit urban and rural communities alike.”

Infralink has built on the work of Glasgow City Council who established the Telecoms Unit in 2020.

Glasgow City Council’s work has resulted in increased deployment of new infrastructure, including major new fibre rollouts and small cell agreements across Glasgow.

Infralink intend to facilitate regular meetings between the local authorities and industry. They aim to build a working relationship and enable the Tay Cities to achieve their collective goals of optimising conditions for digital infrastructure deployment.


Once developed, this relationship will result in a more strategic coordination of supportive council policies and processes to grow digital connectivity.

Sarah Eynon, the Infralink programme lead and Associate Director at Scottish Futures Trust said: “Working with the Tay Cities local authorities will allow us to demonstrate the benefits of the Infralink approach at a regional level.

“Infralink will work with Tay Cities and their representatives to ensure the policies, processes and documents are in place to make efficient strategic, proactive decisions that will shape the connectivity of the region.

“We will be encouraging the mobile industry to work with the Tay Cities authorities as an exemplar region in the UK.”

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