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Apprentice Employer of the Month | J.P. Morgan

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JP Morgan

Our new regular column about the benefits that tech companies can gain from employing apprentices is brought to you by Skills Development Scotland and Digital World.

JP Morgan, one of the world’s most successful financial institutions with a significant presence in Scotland, currently has 55 Graduate Apprentices working at its first class technology centre in Glasgow’s financial services district.

Quite a jump in numbers from the original seven that started with the company in 2015, and that’s because, as Vice President Robbie Allan said: “JP Morgan believes apprentices  are critical to increasing the number of quality software developers able to support our  thousands of users worldwide.

“We believe it is vital for the industry to recognise the importance of apprenticeships, and the crucial role they have to play in inspiring the next generation of technologists.”

In 2019 the company began partnering with the University of Strathclyde to offer a Master of Science Cyber Security apprenticeship, aimed at upskilling current colleagues and allowing them to specialise in this vitally important field, and is continuing this partnership by once again enrolling a number of current employees to start the course in September.

“Learning and development is simply part of the culture here, but it is also about tailoring that to the individual needs of our apprentices. It not simply about increasing their technical skills, but about personal growth and business skills,” Allan explained.

“Apprentices bring huge value to us. We’ve seen how a diverse group of young people coming into our workforce can contribute so much to their teams and the firm,” he added.

The support includes study sessions during work hours to allow apprentices to concentrate on university work, access to technical mentors and coaching where needed.

Apprentices are also encouraged to participate in industry talks, events and conferences and are part of a world-wide apprentice network with links to communities from New York to Singapore.

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Allan said: “Apprentices bring huge value to us. We’ve seen how a diverse group of young people coming into our workforce can contribute so much to their teams and the firm. They are also great ambassadors for our business and are involved in Code for Good projects which develop tech solutions for charities, and they are all encouraged from day one to get involved with our charity partners.”

Apprentices are also involved in mentoring people from disadvantaged backgrounds who are working towards computing qualifications.

The achievement Allan is most proud of is the increase in workplace diversity.

He said: “In 2015, diversity rates reflected the industry statistics of 15% of tech roles filled by women. However, we have continued year on year to improve this statistic and for all apprentices employed in the past four years, we have achieved a 50% gender diversity split.

“This is possible thanks to the work our apprentices have done through SmartSTEMs, Generation Tech and our strong links with schools and colleges. It shows that a career in tech is for everyone and this can only continue to improve.”

Allan commented: “We want people who have a real passion for technology, who want to learn and who we can learn from, and who bring a fresh outlook. Apprenticeships are one of the best ways to do that, whether your business is big or small.”

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