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MoneyMatix Wins SFT Awards Selfie Competition and Names Chosen Charity

Dominique Adams



Scottish Financial Technology Awards ceremony selfie-challenge winners choose Passion4Fusion to receive £1,000 prize money donation. 

The team from MoneyMatiX have been named winners of DIGIT‘s Scottish Financial Technology Awards (SFT Awards) Selfie-Challenge 2019.

The competition was held over the course of the SFT Awards ceremony, which was held at Edinburgh’s Sheraton Grand Hotel on the 25th of September, with more than 350 people in attendance.

The Edinburgh-based fintech was chosen from among three finalists to win the top prize, a donation of £1,000 from DIGIT to a charity of their choice. Tynah Matembe, of MoneyMatiX, told DIGIT that she and her co-founder Helene Rodger had chosen Passion4Fusion to receive the prize money.

Rodger added: “We chose Passion4Fusion because it’s where our work begins – it’s where we found the problem of financial illiteracy. We were working with immigrant families to integrate in Scotland and realised that a lot of them struggle with financial systems in the UK.

“We have supported a number of families to get to grips with their finances. We are so excited to have won because this £1,000 will go a long way for our chosen charity.”

The Winning Selfie 

Matembe said: “Passion4Fusion works closely at the grassroots giving young people the best chances of integrating in Scotland. We are extremely privileged to have won the selfie competition for them. It is a charity close to our hearts.”

Passion4Fusion is a community led volunteer charity organisation that works to address a growing need to support ethnic and cultural minorities play an active and confident role within the Scottish community.

It aims to promote racial harmony between local residents and ethnic and cultural minority communities through sport, community work and community integration in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The charity’s overall vision is to create “an inclusive and equal Scotland where all communities are empowered and celebrated as equal responsible citizens achieving their potential in advancing Scottish life at all levels.”


MoneyMatiX is an ethical fintech that teaches children and young people financial literacy and how to make better financial choices through gamification. The MoneyMatix platform seeks to promote mental health through financial well-being.

Matembe and Rodger also want the app to be used by adults to help them reduce financial stress, which can have a devastating impact on family life and work productivity. 40% of the UK population experience financial stress which is the main contributor to mental health problems.

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