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NHS App Shares Data with Clinicians to Improve Cancer Patient Care

David Paul



The NHS OWise App shares real-time data with clinicians to improve Scottish breast cancer patients’ experience and health outcomes.

NHS Lothian is trialling an app that allows breast cancer patients to record treatment symptoms and deliver the data to clinicians in real-time. The platform is also being used to develop a similar app to help those with prostate cancer.

OWise, created by Px HealthCare, lets patients log symptoms and side effects, which are then shared with clinicians, allowing them to track an individual’s progress and recommend adjustments to treatment plans, based on real-time data.

The app gives a more personalised approach to breast cancer treatment while improving patients’ experience and overall wellbeing.

It also has the potential to vastly improve clinical outcomes as health professionals can closely follow symptoms and make adjustments as soon as they appear.

Dr Peter Hall, the Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre, commented: “Digital technologies like OWise offer real potential to improve a cancer patient’s experience.

“Being able to see a timeline that chart’s a patient’s symptoms from their own perspective, directly within our electronic clinical records is fantastic. It definitely improves our ability to understand how cancer and its treatment are affecting a patient.”


The app progressed to the second phase of the Cancer Innovation Challenge in 2018, a £1 million project funded by the Scottish Funding Council to encourage collaboration between innovation centres, medical professionals and healthcare businesses.

Px HealthCare was also awarded a further £100,000 in funding to develop and evaluate its impact.

Dr Anne Bruinvels, Founder of Px HealthCare, said: “The ‘Px’ in our name stands for ‘patient experience’. This is because we felt that being diagnosed with cancer is so traumatic and complex, we needed to develop smart mobile technology that supports cancer patients and helps them regain control over their lives with personalised medical tools and tailor-made feedback.

“Also, as very little is known about how patients in the real world respond to their medical treatment, we worked with NHS Lothian to develop the upgrade of OWise whereby the hospital-integrated version becomes a collaborative empowerment platform for both patients and clinicians.”

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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