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Scots Tech Firm Wins Ryder Cup Legal Battle

Brian Baglow


NVT Ryder Cup Out Of COurt Victory

Golf competition organiser told to pay cost overruns amounting to ‘hundreds of thousands’ of pounds, along with £1 million in costs.

Bellshill-based ICT company NVT Group, which has also worked with on events including the Commonwealth Games and Scottish Open, provided digital infrastructure to the 2014 Gleneagles competition, ensuring multiple locations around the course had Internet access.

While the event itself was a success, in the background a protracted dispute about payments has been rumbling on.

The tech company received the sum agreed in the original contract, but estimated that it was due approximately £344,000 in addition to that for ‘massive cost overruns at the event’ and that it had provided far greater support and equipment than that which was originally agreed.

The Herald reports that the action, if unsuccessful could have bankrupted the company, leading the dozens of job losses.

The case had been scheduled for trial, but was settled out of court with full costs agreed, believed to be around £1 million.

The Ryder Cup is one of the biggest events in the golfing calendar. Approximately 45,000 spectators attended daily with an estimated 500 million viewers in 183 countries watching.

As well as bringing in millions of pounds in tourism to Scotland’s economy, the event is also hugely valuable to the European Tour, which actually loses money in years when the Ryder Cup is not played.

In 2014, the European Tour made a profit of £17.5 million for the Ryder Cup year, but made a loss of £7.1 million the following year.

NVT’s Managing Director Stephen Park Brown, said: “This was not about being vindictive but the whole hard-earned reputation of the company was at stake, as were the livelihoods of our employees. We have worked hard to get where we are today and we felt it was important not to give in and get what was due us for the work provided. We have never had any problems before and hopefully we won’t again in the future.”

A spokesman for Ryder Cup Europe said: “This matter was settled on commercial terms prior to the start of a proposed three-week trial. We have no further comment.”

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