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OGTC: Call For Ideas Calendar 2018

Brian Baglow


Subsea Power Hub Aberdeen

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre has announced all of the topics and launch dates for its calls for ideas in 2018.

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) will announce 10 Calls for Ideas across 2018, tackling some of the biggest challenge facing the offshore industry.

The programme aims to identify, fund and support innovative ideas and concepts to help address the key issues faced by the oil and gas sector. Calls cover a broad range of topics identified by the Centre, its members and industry stakeholders. Each Call currently offers  approximately £1 million of funding for successful submissions.

The OGTC Call For Ideas 2018:

  • January – Well Construction
  • March – Asset Integrity
  • April – Small Pools
  • May – Digital Transformation
  • June – Well Construction
  • July – Decommissioning
  • August – Wells
  • September – Asset Integrity
  • October – Decommissioning
  • November – Digital Transformation
  • December – Small Pools

The OGTC will release more detailed information on the specifics of each call and the focus within the broad topics, as the month of launch draws closer.

Anyone can take part in a Call for Ideas, by completing a simple registration process and submitting an idea privately and confidentially to the OGTC.

OGTC Call for Ideas 2018The first Call for Ideas in 2018 focused on significantly reducing the cost of well delivery. Well construction methods have changed little since drilling began in the North Sea. New technology and practices could reduce development costs, increase recovery and minimise well intervention. This will allow mature, marginal or near-field reserves to be developed, helping to extend the life of existing infrastructure. It could also help unlock five billion barrels of oil and gas already discovered on the UK Continental Shelf.

Two calls from December 2017 are also still open, focusing on Digital Transformation and Decommissioning. These Calls focus on big data and machine learning to help unlock the full potential of the North Sea, as well as modular, integrated power-generation and utilities concepts that can help reduce decommissioning costs.

Stephen Sheal, External Relationship Director for the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, said: “We’ve had a great response to our Calls for Ideas so far. We’re delighted to be receiving innovative ideas and concepts that we believe can help transform our industry. We hope that 2018 sees an increased uptake in our Calls from other industries, such as nuclear, automotive and manufacturing, as we know that are significant opportunities out there for technology transfer.

“The Calls are only one way that we reach out to the technology community, and we encourage people to get in touch with us at any time if they have an idea!”

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