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OnGen Releases Online Energy Tool for Scottish Businesses

David Paul



The renewable energy tool enables companies to measure their carbon footprint and save energy costs.

An Edinburgh-based energy company has released an online tool, OnGen Expert, that helps Scottish companies to measure renewable energy feasibility, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint whilst also saving costs on energy.

The tool features an interface that records location and energy consumption data to produce an assessment of costs.

Once the assessment has been completed, the platform works with installers to manage a site survey through the process and is also able to arrange funding for the project.

The company currently has multi-national Engie signed up, and various public sector organisations who are focussed on meeting ambitious net-zero greenhouse gas emission targets, including Edinburgh University, Highland Council and several UK Government departments.

OnGen’s Managing Director, Chris Trigg, commented on the rollout of the platform: “There has never been a more important time for all energy users to consider how they can generate electricity and heat locally.

“It makes sense for the environment and financially. Being an online service means our clients can keep working with us during this Covid-19 crisis and be ready to act on climate change when it ends.”

OnGen’s new platform will enable companies to help in the fight against climate change by easily and cost-effectively tracking the impact they are having so they can change business practices accordingly.


Platforms such as OnGen’s come after Edinburgh recently became one of 40 countries committed to tackling threats posed by climate change. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh joined to form the International Universities Climate Alliance, bringing together thousands of experts to share knowledge and better inform decisions made by government, businesses and members of the public.

Professor Sandy Tudhope, Lead on Climate Responsibility and Sustainability and Edinburgh University commented: “The Covid-19 crisis demonstrates the necessity for the world to unite and pool its knowledge when tackling global threats.

“Sharing scientific insights and key research findings on climate change will enable key decision and policy-makers to do so based on sound evidence.

“The global reaction to climate change has been far too slow. We believe the Alliance can help accelerate that response.”

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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