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ScotlandIS Launches Online Hub to Offer Free Digital Tools to Scottish Businesses

David Paul


Scottish businesses

The hub is designed to allow Scottish businesses access to essential digital tools to help support rapid transformation during the coronavirus outbreak.

ScotlandIS has launched an online hub to offer as many of Scotland’s digital technology resources as possible to Scottish businesses either free of charge or at discounted rates.

The hub can be accessed by any business in Scotland and offers an array of digital tools to help them through the current economic emergency, and provide solutions to new demands created by the rapid change to working.

Businesses can access a range of online support, apps and platforms that assist with business needs, from cashflow, stock management, communication, risk management, leadership support and communications, and helping to manage staff morale.

Several companies across Scotland are offering support through the platform, such as 7 Elements, which is supplying free cybersecurity incident triage for any Scottish organisation that needs to set up remote working.

App design agency Bad Dinosaur is also offering free consultations and discounts for businesses needing income support, while Float is extending its free access trial to their cashflow planning tool. Ethical Intelligence is offering discounts on its ethical training courses for businesses that require information on ethics.


Jane Morrison-Ross, chief executive of ScotlandIS, said: “The response we have seen from the Scottish tech industry to support the wider economy has been phenomenal. This hub for Scottish business has come as a result of harnessing all the good will and innovation that is out there from across the tech and digital sector to support all Scottish businesses through this unprecedented time.

“We’re all learning to work in new, technology-enabled ways, and businesses need to very quickly make sure they have tools, information and means to collaborate. Because we can’t have direct human contact, we need to make it digital, and our hope is that this online hub will help every business across Scotland do just that. We have included resources to help minimise isolation and maximise wellbeing too.”

The online hub can be accessed at Any digital technology business in Scotland looking to provide support through the online hub is encouraged to contact Heather Donnelly –

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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