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Using Data to Improve Offshore Worker Safety

Dominique Adams


Oil and Gas Innovation Centre Supporting the Digitalisation of Oil Fields

Newly developed diagnostic service to provide key insights into human behavioural risks in the oil and gas industry to improve offshore safety.


The project, which is support by the Oil & Gas Technology Centre in partnership with Premier Oil and Opex Group, says it will use smart predictive technologies, data science and psychology to help organisations to understand their company’s behavioural DNA. By engaging with behavioural psychologists and predictive technology specialists, OPEX Group has created a new diagnostic service that it says will provide organisations with an in-depth picture of the levels of behavioural risk across their workforce and industry.

These data-driven insights will not only improve offshore safety for oil and gas workers, it will also help organisations to eliminate production losses and cut maintenance costs. OPEX Group’s predictive analysis service (X-PAS™) won the 2017 Oil & Gas UK Award for Business Innovation.

Jamie Bennett, CEO of OPEX Group, Said of the Project:

“Research shows that human errors contribute to as many as 90% of incidents. Current approaches to understand safety behaviours rely on surveys that give us an insight into what employees think and feel. The piece of the puzzle that is missing – a blindspot – is an understanding of how these individuals are going to act and behave – and the impact those behaviours will have on offshore operations.”

“Through this project we will use predictive technologies and data science to analyse behavioural insights gained from core crews and correlate it to vast amounts of historic incident data from Premier’s offshore assets. Our aim is to work alongside Premier to greatly strengthen the safety and predictability of their offshore operations in what has previously been a difficult area to quantify in the oil and gas industry.”

Stephen Ashley, Digital Transformation Solution Centre Manager for the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, Said:

“Advances in digital technology present a significant opportunity to improve the safety of operations offshore. We’ve seen predictive analytics and data science deliver improvements in production and efficiency, and we want to achieve even greater gains for safety. We look forward to working with OPEX and Premier on this exciting project.”

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