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DIGIT Talks Prescription Pilot With Organised Health

Chloe Henderson


Organised Health - HealthTech Prescription Delivery service

Medicine at the click of a button. DIGIT chats to Organised Health about the company’s end-to-end prescription delivery service.

organised healthHate taking the time out of your day to pick up your medication? According to HealthTech company Organised Health it could soon be a thing of the past. The Glasgow-based firm is looking to provide a digital pharmacy service that allows customers to order repeat prescriptions at the press of a button.

“Organised Health is essentially a repeat prescription delivery service,” Dylan Macdonald, the organisation’s Marketing and Communications Manager, explains to DIGIT. “Customers can come to us and order their repeat medication for a time and place that suits them, whether that be at their workplace or at home. It’s a first of its kind service, and our main goal is to be a totally end-to-end tailored digital pharmacy service.”

The company’s technology is currently in pilot mode, trialling in Glasgow before a big launch in London towards the end of the year. The mobile app, providing end to end communication and tracking will be in test flight next month.

Founded by CEO Nadeem Sarwar, a former commercial banker with a long-term interest in healthcare, the Organised Health team identified a gap in the market after taking part in a 12-week DEVELOP MediCity accelerator programme that allowed them to conduct market research surrounding their product. After carrying out over 130 interviews, they identified a key target market made up of busy, city-based professionals who don’t have the time to go to the pharmacy. 67% of the business professionals they spoke to expressed an interest in their services, with 44% saying that they would be happy to pay for it. “We’re a very data driven company. Getting out and speaking to people has ended up driving us forward, and is what inspired us,” says Macdonald.

organised health“We’re looking to empower people to take control of their medication, and have a real interest in the general digital health field. We believe that we can fill the existing gap in the market.”

According to Macdonald, Organised Health has received a host of positive feedback. “With regard to our digital strategy, our social media and social PR has been incredibly helpful,” he says. “We started a social media series called Friday Focus where we sit down with different members of our team, guests, or customers, and chat about Organised Health. We talk about our service and what the individuals do, whether they’re a member of our team or a customer with a start up company of their own. It gives people a broken-down, simplified insight into what it is that we are doing and people are really starting to understand who we are.”

Organised Health has also seen very successful rounds of investment, recently securing funding from healthcare investors interested in facilitating the project from start to finish. The team’s focus now lies in the London launch.

To launch the digital pharmacy across central London, the company will be introducing a new brand for the service and app, to be announced later this year. It also plans to expand the team to 10 or 12 employees by the start of next year.

We’ve been gaining a lot of traction, especially in the last 3 to 4 months,” says Macdonald. “We’ve have had some fantastic feedback, people calling our service ‘revolutionary,’ and ‘life-changing’, we want to grow to help change many more people’s lives.”

Chloe Henderson

Staff Writer - DIGIT

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