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Report Reveals Top Trends Driving IT Purchasing

Victoria Roberts


Environmental sustainability, data security and device proliferation have emerged as the major trends driving IT purchasing decisions.

A new report has revealed that four major trends are influencing post-pandemic IT purchasing decisions.

These results come at a moment of critical importance for businesses which, driven in part by the pandemic, face increasing expenditure on tech and rising numbers of redundant devices.

The findings come from the sustainable tech management provider 3stepIT, which revealed how organisations have drastically changed their workforce and operating environment.

Figures from the report explore decision making in 955 European businesses across IT, Finance & Procurement and Sustainability roles.

Despite its detrimental impact on the environment – with e-waste becoming a global issue – businesses continue to purchase IT outright.

The report also analyses the current state of the market and the ways in which businesses acquire IT resources.

It found that while sustainability is a growing concern among 77% of business owners, this isn’t always well translated into action, as only 55% measure the carbon footprint of their IT devices.

81% of businesses report that remote working has resulted in the purchasing of more IT technology, meaning the number of devices per employee is on the increase.


While data security remains a top priority (56%), nearly a fifth (19%) said they are not able to track and locate all of their business devices all of the time.

IT departments are feeling the heat of this news with 71% reporting they are under pressure to be more sustainable.

3stepIT encourages businesses to transition away from purchasing IT and adopting a technology lifestyle management system.

This practice enables companies to sustainably and securely procure, manage and dispose of business tech without the need to purchase.

Managing technology in this way allows businesses to acquire essential IT infrastructure, use advanced asset management and manage the health and efficiency of those devices.

Carmen Ene, the CEO of 3stepIT and BNP Paribas 3 Step IT, said: “The traditional cash purchase model is placing a huge burden on businesses.

“Cash ownership embeds needless waste in a business right from the outset.

“We’re calling on businesses to stop outright IT purchasing and to start benefiting from the better cash flow, flexibility, efficiency and security that a technology lifestyle management solution can provide.”

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