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Rubrik Brought on Board to Manage ScotGov Data

Ross Kelly


Rubrik Scottish Government

Rubrik will manage and protect the Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate’s data.

The Scottish Government has brought on board Rubrik, a cloud data management company, to protect and oversee the Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate’s data.

Rubrik said it will deliver a scalable and centralised data management solution for back, disaster recovery to allow the directorate to demonstrate security compliance.

The ARE Directorate is based in Edinburgh and plays a critical role in Scotland’s rural economy. The Directorate manages subsidies to more than 20,000 farmers every year, is also responsible for paying over £750 million in subsidies and assists in the development of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Commenting on the contract, Martin Brown, Director of Western Europe at Rubrik, said: “We’re proud to be protecting the Scottish Government’s sensitive data as well as helping it on its way to a cloud-first approach.

“With Rubrik, this government organization now has peace of mind that its mission-critical data is being handled securely, allowing it to easily demonstrate security compliance in a highly regulated sector, and avoid the large fines for noncompliance.”

Rubrik Scottish Government Collaboration

ARE has been continually developing an maintaining applications that support the growing number of farmers applying for subsidies. Some of its responsibilities include managing identifiable data and meeting strict security and payment standards.

Previously, the directorate relied on fragmented, multipoint backup and recovery products, which were difficult to manage and did not guarantee end-to-end encryption. Through collaboration with Rubrik, ARE said it will simplify its auditing process and achieve end-to-end security compliance.

Thus far, the organisation has been able to centralise its data management, creating 60% management time savings, as well as 33% total cost in ownership (TCO) savings. It also benefited from a 6x backup performance boost compared to previous legacy backup solutions.

The Directorate has also revealed it was able to reduce its data by 79% by maximizing the organisation’s storage efficiency.

Neill Smith, Head of IT Infrastructure at ARE, said that due to an ever-changing industry with “constantly evolving rules and regulations”, meeting data compliance standards is a key objective.

“Rubrik smashed our security requirements right out of the box, more than exceeding our expectations. With its comprehensive approach to security, Rubrik ensures our data is kept safe and we remain compliant,” he said. “What’s more, everything about Rubrik has been extremely straightforward.

“It has simplified our auditing process and we can now implement new requirements in the blink of an eye. In an industry with constantly evolving rules and regulations, this is paramount for us to meet compliance standards and avoid large fines.”

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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