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ScotSoft 2017 Launched – ‘Sometimes You Just Need an Idea’

Chloe Henderson


ScotSoft 2017

Over 600 leaders from Edinburgh’s private and public sectors are set to converge in October for the 20th annual ScotSoft conference.

Hosted by ScotlandIS, ScotSoft 2017 will feature its biggest speaker lineup yet, covering everything from robots and virtual reality to cyber security and the cloud.

Polly Purvis, chief executive of ScotlandIS, said: “I am very proud of the role ScotSoft has played in bringing international speakers to Scotland and showcasing local experts in the last 20 years. As the digital technology sector in Scotland continues to grow, and the technology calendar has blossomed, events such as ScotSoft become more influential in shaping the industry.

“Our tagline for this year’s event is: ‘sometimes you just need an idea’. ScotSoft does just that by offering a unique opportunity for developers, CEOs and thought leaders to meet, share knowledge and inspire each other to think differently.”

ScotSoft 2017 WebsiteThe keynote speaker for this year’s Developers Conference will be Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager for Open Source .NET/ASP.NET, Azure and Web Tools at Microsoft. Rupert Whitehead, Regional Lead for Developer Relations at Google will also be speaking, along with Elton Stoneman, Developer Advocate at Docker. The event will also feature speakers from the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, My1Login, the DataLab, 13coders and more. Each session will be ranked by technicality, allowing attendees to choose which talks they want to attend by indicating the level of complexity.

For CEOs and decision makers, the Leadership Forum will cover three main themes: expanding markets, growing teams, and financing your business. It will feature a number of speakers including Greg Mesch, CEO at CityFibre, John Bernard, marketing director at Dexcom, Ed Molyneux, founder and CEO of FreeAgent, and Frances Sneddon, CTO of Simul8.

ScotSoft 2017 will also feature the 28th annual Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards.

The event will take place at the EICC in Edinburgh on Thursday 5 October. For more information, or to book tickets, visit the ScotSoft website.

Chloe Henderson

Staff Writer - DIGIT

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