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Scottish Fintech Company Expand Canadian Gift Card Programme

Victoria Roberts


miconex gift card
Perth-based Miconex will launch a new gift card programme across Canada to stimulate local economies.

Scottish fintech company Miconex’s new ‘Downtown Dollars’ system is set to launch in the downtown areas of Ontario cities, Sudbury and London.

EML Payments Limited are working alongside Miconex in the launch, which will take place in summer 2021. 

Downtown Dollars can be purchased from the Miconex gift card website, and spent with numerous businesses in Sudbury, such as restaurants, retailers, salons and attractions.

Miconex’s Andy Monaghan, says: “A gift card system is a tangible way that customers can support small, local businesses.

“In Canada, the average spend on gift cards is $465 per person, per year. Introducing a programme means provinces like Ontario and Prince Edward Island can harness that spend.

“Our job at Miconex is helping provinces to figure out the challenges they’re facing right now and create a plan for success that benefits the whole community.”

Kyle Marcus, the managing director at Downtown Sudbury BIA and owner of cocktail bar The Alibi Room said it’s vital for communities to unite following the pandemic:

“Community unity is vital for Sudbury’s recovery, the Downtown Dollars Gift Card allows us to support merchants by giving them another revenue stream, and capitalise on the emigration from nearby cities. We’re positioning Sudbury for the future.”


The new scheme follows the success of existing gift card schemes on Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Peterborough, Ontario. 

In September 2020, the ‘Canada’s Food Island Gift Card’ was introduced by the Food Island Partnership to stimulate the economy on Prince Edward Island. 

This incentive is part of a $66 million support package for the island’s tourism industry.

Ailie Kofoid, CEO Americans at EML, said, “Miconex’s rapid Candaian Downtowns expansion means hundreds of thousands more families are enjoying local places and a fintech-friendly summer.” 

In the US, the Miconex gift card will also be introduced through programmes in South Dakota, Alabama, Idaho and Massachusetts in 2021. This adds to existing systems in Alaska, Montana, Virginia, Arizona, Michigan, Massachusetts and Colorado.

Victoria Roberts

Staff Writer

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