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Scottish Firm Firefish Shortlisted at Northern Tech Awards

Victoria Roberts


Recruitment platform Firefish has been named as one of the top five tech firms in Scotland.

Glasgow-based recruitment platform Firefish Software was shortlisted at the 2021 Northern Tech Awards on Wednesday.

The awards recognise the fastest growing technology companies in the North of England, across Scotland, and in Ireland.

Each year 100 businesses are shortlisted, demonstrating the biggest tech success stories of the year.

The recruitment software platform is one of only five Scottish tech businesses to make it to the shortlist and be announced at the ceremony in Leeds.

Wendy McDougall (pictured above), the founder and CEO of Firefish Software, said: “Despite the turbulent times we’ve been living in, through a pandemic and recession, the Firefish team have shown incredible resilience.

“To make it into the tip tier of these industry awards for five years running shows the strength of our business and the important role we play in the tech ecosystem.

“The winners in the current market will be those employers who adapt to the skill sets in front of them rather than waiting for the market to get back to normal.

“Being agile has never been more important, and the value of effective tech solutions in the recruitment space is greater than ever.”


Firefish have made the shortlist for five consecutive years in a row, showing the importance of a recruitment process that combines customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing platforms.

Alongside Firefish were four other Scottish nominees. These are the digital services business MRM Global, Fintech company The ID Co, and software firms TVSquared and Odro.

To qualify for entry, firms must have at least three years of revenue growth with a minimum revenue level of £500k in 2018.

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