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Scottish Government Adopts ZoneFox Threat Detection System for Network Security

Ross Kelly


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The ZoneFox threat detection and response solution will provide the Government with ‘deep visibility’ by observing and monitoring user behaviour and data movement.

The Scottish Government has chosen Fortinet to provide a fully cloud-hosted service to protect all Government employees and data across more than 15,000 endpoints.

Analysis of viable market solutions led the Scottish Government to identify Edinburgh-based ZoneFox, recently acquired by Fortinet, as the preferred platform capable of offering an easy tool in regards to its usage and deployment, as well as a tool to boost productivity.

The ZoneFox threat detection and response solution, as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, will provide the Government with ‘deep visibility’ by observing and monitoring user behaviour and data movement both on and off network.

The threat detection system alerts users to any malicious or suspicious behaviour and is achieved through user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA), as well as machine learning technology that provide 360-visibility across Scottish Government networks.

Fortinet said this will enable the Government to identify the source of incidents, such as ransomware, in a matter of minutes.

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Commenting on the announcement, Neill Cooper, sales director at Fortinet, said: “We address the Scottish Government’s need to improve its information security in response to heightened threats in the market.

“Through our work with the Scottish Government, the organisation will be able to protect business-critical data and IP, identify anomalous behaviour both on and off the network, and prove compliance within industry standards and regulations such as GDPR.

“We are delighted to play such a pivotal role in safeguarding Scottish citizens and those connected to them.”

ZoneFox, a spin-out from Edinburgh Napier University, was acquired by Fortinet in October 2018. A key motivation for purchasing the company, founded by Jamie Graves, was its machine learning-based threat-hunting technology – which Fortinet said would complement its FortiClient endpoint security.

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Speaking in October, Graves said: “Integrating our solution with the Fortinet Security Fabric will allow us to extend our reach to a broad spectrum of Fortinet and third-party solutions to solve customers’ most difficult challenges in network security.”

Ross Kelly

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