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Skyscanner Co-Founder Invests in Scottish Ad-Free Social Media Firm

Dominique Adams


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Skyscanner architect Gareth Williams is backing Edinburgh-based social media company, Kindaba.

Gareth Williams, co-founder of Skyscanner, has invested an undisclosed amount in an equity stake in Edinburgh-based company Kindaba, an ad-free social media platform.

Kindaba’s platform allows its customers to share content with each other on a social media platform, which is not bogged down with adverts. The company describes itself as a “private Instagram feed with your family.”

The company says its Kindaba Families’ monthly subscription helps maintain its “ad-free experience” and emphasised its strong commitment to privacy and data protection.

This investment is leading the company’s £300,000 equity crowd-funding, which will be used to scale the firm’s user base and to establish it in the emerging FamTech sector – a market worth an estimated £45 billion.

Kindaba Plans to Accelerate its Growth

Currently, the company employs eight members of staff and has plans to recruit seven more to grow their user base to 100,000 active users. The company’s plan is to accelerate its growth through product and business development, marketing and data analysis.

Williams said of Kindaba: “The team is fantastic. Whatever the problem space, founders need to have that laser focus in order to stand a chance of getting to their destination. In my experience, the founders and the team they build are so important to the future success of their company.”

Lizzie Brough, co-founder and chief experience officer at Kindaba, said: “This investment will allow us to scale our customer outreach and bolster our development team so that we can continue to work smart and at speed developing the features our families are searching for.”

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