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Meet the Firms Chosen for Scotland’s First Smart Things Accelerator  

Ross Kelly


Smart Things Accelerator
Companies operating across a broad range of areas have been chosen to take part.

Scotland’s first Smart Things Accelerator Centre, Filament STAC, has selected the inaugural cohort of IoT companies for its 18 month accelerator programme. 

Companies chosen to participate in the accelerator programme include a firm developing ‘counter-drones’, a new venture that produces wearable devices to help babies sleep and a solar energy specialist enabling farmers to heat their water supplies for free. 

Commenting on the unveiling of the first cohort, Filament STAC chief executive Paul Wilson said: “We always knew there was great early stage technology talent in Scotland’s IoT space, and that’s been borne out in the companies we’ve been able to select for this first cohort. 

“Our aim is quite clear, we want these companies to become globally competitive within two years, capable of exporting across the world and stacking up against the best players in their respective markets.”

Meet the Cohort  

The full list of companies selected for the first cohort include:  

Fuelling International Growth

Launched in August 2021, Filament STAC is an industry-government partnership which aims to support Scottish IoT companies capable of scaling and competing on a global level.  

The centre has set a three-year target to create at least 25 IoT companies and generate hundreds of jobs through the accelerator programme.  

The initiative is supported by Scottish Enterprise, CENSIS, product design firm Filament and Plexus Corp, a global leader in complex design, manufacturing, supply chain and aftermarket services.  


Over the next two years, Paul Wilson said Filament STAC plans to open international offices in Singapore and Canada. The international offices will act as ‘launchpads’ into the Asian and North American markets, the company suggested.  

Filament STAC is also set to announce a series of additional Scottish, UK and international partnerships in the coming weeks.  

Wilson added: “We have secured some really interesting partnerships with more in the pipeline, including with some of the biggest technology companies on the planet, and that’s going to be a big differentiator for Filament STAC going forward.” 

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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