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SnapDragon Hits the Disrupt 100

Brian Baglow


Edinburgh-based anti-counterfeiting specialist SnapDragon IP has been named one of the world’s most disruptive companies.

Edinburgh-based legal tech company SnapDragon has been listed on Disrupt 100, a list of companies around the world, which have the greatest potential to influence, change or create new global markets.

The Disrupt 100 report, run by Tällt Ventures, tracks the world’s most disruptive businesses. The list is judged, compiled and curated by some the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors and business owners.

Each company within the Disrupt 100 was sourced from over five million global businesses. These companies are then judged by senior representatives from blue chip companies and global brands including Google, Uber, Oracle, Silicon Valley Bank and Virgin StartUp.


SnapDragon is a counterfeit goods specialist, which focuses on tackling the sale of copied and fake goods on e-commerce platforms.

Counterfeiting is a serious issue that plagues brands and businesses around the world. According to research from the OECD, fake goods sales make up around 2.5% of all world trade and is growing by around 25% every year. Profits from the sale of counterfeit products make their way into underground economies and are often used to fund criminal activity.

In addition, counterfeiting goods raises serious concerns. In many markets, fake goods may cause serious injury, or even death, as they do not conform to safety standards and are built from substandard materials.


The Disrupt listing comes shortly after the launch of SnapDragon’s new Swoop online anti-counterfeiting service.

Swoop detects counterfeit and copycat products on some of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms, including Alibaba, Amazon and eBay. Links flagged by Swoop are reported for removal using copyright, registered trademarks and design rights by the brand owner, or by SnapDragon itself.

The software is the first of it’s kind and allows any brand owner to react to and take action against online infringement in real-time; thus protecting revenue, reputation and most importantly, the customer. According to SnapDragon, since it was launched earlier in 2018, Swoop has achieved a 95% enforcement success rate across almost 220 online platforms.

Rachel Jones, founder and CEO of SnapDragon told DIGIT:

“It’s been a really exciting year for SnapDragon, especially with the launch of Swoop, our new DIY IP protection software for brands, the first of its’ kind to market.

“We have worked extremely hard to provide a robust service to empower any company, large or small, to protect itself from criminal counterfeiters and prevent counterfeit sales of its’ products online.

“To receive this recognition is a tremendous honour, especially amongst such strong competition.”

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