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Glasgow’s Stream Technologies Acquired by Chip Giant Arm

Ross Kelly


DIGIT Deal Roundup May 2019

Semiconductor giant Arm, has acquired Glasgow-based Stream Technologies to expand its IoT capabilities.

Global mobile chip leader Arm, has announced that it has acquired Glasgow-based Stream Technologies to expand its Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and device management capabilities.

Arm believes that the deal will enable it to further develop its Mbed IoT Device Management Platform and offer organisations with a robust, scalable  end-to-end platform for managing, connecting and updating IoT devices. For Arm – and consumers – this scalability is a critical factor considering the sheer number of devices currently, and the millions that will follow in years to come.

The cost of the acquisition has not been disclosed by Arm.

Stream Technologies

Founded in 2000, Glasgow-based Stream is an innovative player in connectivity management technologies and maintains over 700,000 managed subscribers, with an average daily traffic of 2TB per day.

Stream offers companies a “build once, deploy anywhere” supply chain whereby any IoT device can be deployed, find a network and self-authenticate. It also automatically provisions and connects to the lowest cost channel, which removes the need to interface with multiple systems. Ultimately this allows organisations to reduce time expenditure, complexity and the cost of connecting devices.

Arming Consumers With Quality

Arm believes its vision of a world home to one trillion connected devices by 2035 is absolutely achievable. It’s goal; to offer companies the opportunity to capitalise on IoT innovation and streamline business services.

Through greater efficiency, cost savings and new revenue streams companies introducing IoT into their business models could lead the way in years to come. With a greater uptake of IoT devices, however, comes the responsibility of ensuring that data is trusted, secure and quickly accessible to provide meaningful insights.

Through Stream Technologies and Arm’s IoT Device Management Platform, this merger will unite two seamless onboarding, connectivity and device management platforms. Arm says integration will provide organisations with a “single pane of glass” visibility of connectivity and device management across all devices – regardless of location of network.

Other key benefits that will come from the Stream acquisition and subsequent integration include:

  • eSIM orchestration that communicates and connects policies enabling zero touch onboarding that drive efficiencies and scale of IoT connections
  • Global aggregation across network types and flexible wireless connectivity options that can be optimized across devices, regions, and use cases that are deployed
  • Simplified billing and reconciliation through APIs and automated controls that can charge based on any event for increased flexibility
  • Connect and manage any device regardless of network type to steer reliable and trusted data, seamlessly push new updates and features, and optimise quality-of-service and latency for troubleshooting

Hima Mukkamala, senior vice president and general manager of IoT Cloud Services said in a statement: “The addition of the Stream team to Arm accelerates our mission to securely manage IoT complexities from chip to the cloud, enabling our customers to focus their efforts on deriving real actionable insights from the data generated by their connected devices.”

Ross Kelly

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