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Survey Finds 33% of Scots Never Take a Break From Their Phone

Michael Behr


take a break from their phone

The survey also found that Scottish residents are the most satisfied with their mobile coverage out of the whole UK.

A new survey into Britain’s data usage has found that 33% of Scots never take a break from their phone.

The information comes after Compare the Market commissioned Censuswide to perform a survey asking over 2,000 UK respondents about their data and mobile phone usage.

The survey aimed to identify which areas and consumers would benefit most from the rollout of 5G across the UK by revealing the country’s biggest data users.

The respondents provided information on their data usage, including time spent on phones, size of data packages, number of apps used and how often they exceed data allowances.

Censuswide used the information to identify trends in data usage and discover the UK’s biggest data users.

With close to a third of of Scots glued to their phone, the survey said that 11% of Scottish respondents take a break once a week and 42% have a break from their phone every day.

However, the survey found that Scottish residents are the most satisfied region with the speed of the mobile network in their local area – 51% are very satisfied compared to a UK average of 45%.

Out of the whole of the UK, Glasgow is the most satisfied city with the speed of the mobile network in their local area, with Edinburgh being the second most satisfied city.

When it comes to how much data the cities use, Glasgow used the second most in the whole UK, while Edinburgh had the 10th highest data usage.

By data usage, the Top 10 cities were:

  • 1. Cardiff
  • 2. Glasgow
  • 3. Leeds
  • 4. Brighton
  • 5. Newcastle
  • 6. Birmingham
  • 7. Nottingham
  • 8. Norwich
  • 9. Manchester
  • 10. Edinburgh

Glasgow had the highest number of people on unlimited data packages (23%) against 17% of respondents across Scotland, which came second after Northern Ireland and Wales at 18%.

Glasgow had the highest percentage of respondents who have more than 100 apps on their phone, though the average resident only had 22 apps on their smartphones, and only 5% of the population have more than 50.

A total of 36% of Scots said they have more than 20 apps on their phone.

More than a third (35%) of Edinburgh residents said that they have gone over their mobile data package at least once in the past year.


By age group, two in five 25-34-year olds across the UK admitted that they had gone over their data allowance in the last year, more than any other age group. They are also the most likely age group to have unlimited data packages (15%), and one of the worst for never consciously taking a break from their phones (34%).

Over a third of 45-54-year olds never taking a break from their phone. The 55+ bracket is the most likely to take regular breaks from their phones, with only a quarter of respondents admitting they never take a break.

Holly Nibbet, a digital expert at Compare the Market commented: “5G is going to revolutionise the way we live our lives. Once it is fully implemented across the UK and widely adopted, our downloads and uploads are going to be so much faster.

“This doesn’t just mean our working lives will be easier, or our Facetimes will no longer have pixelated images but it means we can save time doing anything that requires an internet connection – no more spinning wheel of death.”

Michael Behr

Senior Staff Writer

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