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Tech Nation’s National IT Survey Launched

Dominique Adams


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Tech Nation’s flagship survey, that helps to comprehensively map the state of the digital tech sector in the UK, is online now and ready for your input. 

Tech Nation has just announced the launch of its fourth annual tech survey. The resulting report, which provides a data-rich analysis, is a barometer for the health, growth and importance of the UK’s regional tech.

Covering areas such diversity, education, challenges, infrastructure, future outlook, opportunities and quality of life the survey is an important tool for gathering data on a fast growing sector.

The resulting data shines a spotlight on the country’s thriving tech sector and highlight’s British innovation. Last year the survey had over 2,700 responses and is aiming this year to reach 11,000 responses. In 2017, Edinburgh was the 12th highest for survey responses out of 30 clusters.

Scotland’s response rate in 2017

  • Edinburgh – 67 respondents
  • Dundee – 42 respondents 
  • Glasgow – 16 respondents 

Surely, Scotland’s IT, digital and tech sector could step up to the plate and pump those numbers up a notch for the next survey?

Add your opinion to the pot

Participation in surveys like this is crucial for gathering accurate data from UK tech communities, more input will equal a better picture of the UK’s tech ecosystem as a whole.

By including your opinion you are helping to provide the most up to date and insightful tech data in 2018, which can help with planning, research, development and investment. It is also a chance to highlight areas of success or note potential pitfalls and barriers.

Tech Nation told DIGIT, “We have set the standard high, but we hope to make Tech Nation 2018 the best report yet. We are looking right across the UK, and this survey, in collaboration with Streetbees, will help us understand how the tech community feels about important issues like diversity, and access to investment. This analysis will help us understand what will define the year ahead – supporting ambitious Tech Founders and CEOs.”

Charitable incentive

The survey will close on Friday 2nd February so do not miss out on your opportunity to contribute.

If you are not already convinced of the usefulness of your contribution, after completing the survey, you will be entered into a charity draw. The winner of this draw can choose a charity from a shortlist to receive a £1,000 donation from Tech City UK.

Things we learned from last year’s survey

  • The average advertised digital salary in Dundee was £36,323.
  • The turnover of digital tech businesses reached £170 billion in 2016, an increase of £30 bn in just five years.
  • Edinburgh had 363 startup births.
  • Glasgow city centre will be home to Scotland’s first city Innovation District.
  • In 2016: Edinburgh attracted £159 million in investment for the digital tech sector.
  • The UK had 1.64 m digital tech jobs in 2016. The growth rate of digital jobs was more than double that of non-digital jobs between 2011 and 2015.

The complete 2017 Tech Nation report can be viewed freely online.

You can find the 2018 survey, awaiting your details, here.

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