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The Data Lab Online Course to Help Managers Use Data Effectively

David Paul


The Data Lab

The course aims to educate business leaders and decision-makers on how to start using data to increase value for the businesses.

The Data Lab is set to launch a second run of its online data training courses, aiding businesses across all industries to use data and AI to improve day-to-day operations.

The course, named ‘Driving Value from Data’ is free to all applicants and shows business leaders how data can add value to their organisation whilst gaining the skills to introduce data techniques into their operations, particularly for those setting up data capabilities for the first time.

Craig Paterson, Executive Education Advisor at The Data Lab, said: “With an overall vision to showcase Scotland as a thought leader in data, these free online courses have successfully provided flexible, high-quality training and education for decision-makers exploring data at an introductory level, as well as those looking to explore the next level of data maturity, and leading the change in making their business more data-savvy”

Data from 2019 suggests that many business leaders and staff struggle to adapt to the change into digital working, with data revealing more than half of employers across all sectors have a workforce that lacks digital skills.

Also, as the coronavirus forces many to work from home, it is more important that staff have the correct tools to be able to do their jobs effectively, and for business leaders to know how to use data in their businesses for the future.


Paterson continued: “With businesses taking increasingly more notice of data, we look forward to delivering our latest online course which will provide participants with the confidence and knowledge to drive value from data; understand how to use data effectively and efficiently to improve operations; and identify trends that will positively impact their business and maximise success – without breaking the budget.”

Commenting on their experience of The Data Lab’s MOOC, Zebunisa Ahmed, Virgin Money, said: “The Data Lab provided an excellent course. It was not what I initially expected, but it certainly made me more alert and made me start to think differently – and I’m already putting the tools and knowledge into practice daily.”

To find out more about The Data Labs online course, you will find it here.

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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