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Edinburgh’s TVSquared Acquires Munich-Based wywy

Andrew Hamilton


tvsquared wywy acquisition

TVSquared acquires Germany’s wywy to create market leading technology service and consolidate its reach in Germany and mainland Europe.

Like it or lump it, TV advertising is big business. £5 billion in 2016 big. With this amount of money being spent on a single marketing channel, it’s no wonder that TV attribution – the study of analytical data alongside TV spot times – is a core component of modern advertising campaigns.

Now, to expand the campaign optimisation services that it offers clients, Edinburgh-based measurement firm TVSquared has acquired German spot firm wywy. The purchase expands TVSquared’s international footprint with an office in Munich, complementing the 58 networks the firm currently services and providing closer support for German and European clients.

According to TVSquared, the acquisition will combine its trademark product ADvantage TV with wywy’s spot content recognition technology. Essentially, the purchase has expanded ADvantage’s services to offer same-day analytics with increased accuracy down to individual adverts.

“wywy brings spot detection to our ADvantage platform. This means ADvantage users don’t have to rely – and wait – on third-party sources for time data. They now have access to real-time, accurate spot-detection data right within the platform, significantly reducing the time to TV insights,” Calum Smeaton, CEO and Founder of TVSquared, told DIGIT.

tvsquared“Getting accurate spot data quickly is a challenge for TV advertisers. Integrating wywy’s stellar spot detection into the ADvantage platform brings an unrivalled level of speed and accuracy to the process. With even faster time-to-results, ADvantage is the most robust, end-to-end tool for optimizing TV strategy and performance.”

Commenting upon the company’s new Munich office, Smeaton added: “Germany is a strong TV market. It’s also been one of TVSquared’s fastest growing regions. With the opening of our Munich office, we’re committed to providing on-the-ground support for our German brands, agencies and broadcasters.

“We’re really excited. While we began as an Edinburgh-based startup, TVSquared has quickly grown to a global organisation. That success is due to a team of really dedicated people. This is our first acquisition, a major milestone, so it’s a good feeling for everyone involved.”

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton

PR & Content Executive at Hutchinson Networks

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