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UK Space Agency Funds Satellite Projects to Tackle Climate Change

Michael Behr


UK Space Agency
The latest funding round will help further the UK space strategy’s aims to develop the country’s satellite capabilities.

The UK Space Agency will provide just under £7 million of government funding to eleven organisations developing satellite projects.

The majority of the funding will go to projects seeking to tackle climate change and spot potential disasters, while other projects will help secure telecommunication systems and protect digital infrastructure against cyberattacks.

The funding comes from the UK Space Agency’s National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP).

UK Science Minister George Freeman said: “Satellites in space are helping us solve some of the most significant challenges we face, from climate change to cyberattacks, and through the National Space Strategy we are putting the UK at the forefront of unleashing these innovations.

“Whether it’s monitoring greenhouse gas emissions or supporting increased tree planting, this new funding will take game-changing ideas from the UK space sector and our brilliant scientists, and turn them into reality.”

Space plays an essential role in the fight against climate change, with satellites collecting half of the 56 types of data we need to measure and understand climate change.

Projects receiving the cash boost include Global Satellite Vu, which will build a compact, high-resolution infrared camera for satellites to measure thermal emissions from homes, schools and places of work, helping to improve energy efficiency.

The Open University in Milton Keynes will develop the mission concept for “TreeView,” a forestry and management tool that will support a nature-based solution to tackling climate change by monitoring the health of trees from space.

The latest funding is in addition to £7 million provided last year to support the projects through their development phase.

The new funding ranges from between £157,000 and £1 million per project and will allow the organisations to take their projects to the next stage and implement their innovative ideas.


The government recently launched the National Space Strategy, which outlines the long-term plans to grow the UK space sector and make Britain a science and technology superpower, including building on manufacturing and technology capacity, attracting investment and working internationally.

The strategy seeks to unlock private finance to turn the UK into a leader in international space research. Part of the strategy envisions building on the UK’s strengths in satellite manufacturing and communications, while working with British companies to further develop space technologies.

In addition, the Scottish Government’s space strategy aims to secure a £4 billion share of the global space market and create up to 20,000 jobs.

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