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US Retail Giant Best Buy to Acquire Scots Medtech Firm Current Health

Graham Turner


Current Health Best Buy
Best Buy has signed an agreement to acquire Edinburgh-founded care-at-home technology platform, Current Health.

In a bid to bring more consumer-friendly, virtual care products to consumers, US retail giant Best Buy is set to acquire Scottish medtech company, Current Health.

Current Health’s enterprise care-at-home platform enables healthcare organisations to deliver high-quality, patient-centric care at a lower cost.

The company integrates patient-reported data with data from biosensors – including their own continuous monitoring wearable device – to provide healthcare organizations with actionable, real-time insights into the patient’s condition.

Leveraging clinical algorithms that can be tailored to the individual patient, Current Health identifies when a patient needs clinical attention, allowing organisations to manage patient care remotely or coordinate in-home care via its integrated service partners.

The Current Health platform brings together telehealth capabilities, patient engagement tools, and in-home connectivity to provide a single solution to manage all care in the home.


“Over the coming decade, significantly more healthcare can be delivered in the home. We started Current Health to make that exciting transition radically easier for healthcare providers to achieve,” said Christopher McCann, CEO of Current Health.

“Best Buy has unparalleled physical reach, world-class supply chain logistics, and trusted support services–allowing us to provide a high-touch consumer experience, at scale. We’re excited to join with Best Buy Health to move safe and effective healthcare into the home globally,” he added.

Commenting on the deal, Deborah Di Sanzo, President of Best Buy Health, added: “The future of consumer technology is directly connected to the future of healthcare.

“We have the distinct expertise in helping customers make technology work for them directly in their homes and by combining Current Health’s remote care management platform with our existing health products and services, we can create a holistic care ecosystem that shows up for someone across all of their healthcare needs.”

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