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Video Interviews – Better Than A CV?

Brian Baglow


Video interviews - BETTERTHANACV New From Ordo

BetterthanaCV.COM plans to disrupt the recruitment sector and help candidates clinch their next job with free video interviews.

Scottish tech start-up Odro is hoping to give candidates a competitive advantage with their new video interviews platform.

BetterthanaCV.COM is a free self interview video service. Job seekers can create their own short video clips, which can then be send in with a CV, giving them a differentiator from the dozens or hundreds of other CVs received by HR teams every day.

The company has interviewed 100 hiring managers across the UK to identify the top four questions employers will ask in a first stage interview. BetterthanaCV.COM will ask candidates those four questions, record them answering and then create an online link, complete with the candidates CV, which can be sent to prospective employers.

Better Than A CV Logo - Video interviewsIn the highly competitive digital technology sector, candidates can find it difficult to stand out from other clients. Odro claims that the average graduate position can have an application to vacancy ratio of 500:1. The company further claims that including one of its video interviews with a CV can improve the probability of receiving feedback by 800%.

Ryan McCabe, the CEO of Odro, told DIGIT: “When you apply for a new job, that’s your first impression. I’ve interviewed some people with terrible CVs, but are fantastic in person. When I noticed how competitive it is for a graduate to get a new job, for example, I thought we could build something that will help. After running the beta tests on BetterthanaCV.COM with a few large employers, it is well on it’s way. We have a few plans on how to improve it over time, but for a free service I think we’ve created something pretty special for job seekers.”

The service is freely available now. It requires users to log in on a device with a webcam and microphone in order to record the video. A fast broadband connection is also recommended.

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