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ZoneFox Launches Hosted Cyber Security Service

Brian Baglow



New hosted service launched to make cyber-security available to mid-tier companies and SME’s

Cyber security specialists ZoneFox has launched a new ‘hosted’ version of its advanced cyber security service.

The new cloud-based service puts the company’s award-winning User Entity Behaviour Analysis (UEBA) platform within the reach of a far broader range of companies, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Recent reports suggest that up to one million SMEs in the UK were victims of cyber attack over the last 12 months. Many SMEs host customer data, intellectual property and other valuable digital assets, but do not have access to the same level of cyber security services which major corporations can employ.

The ZoneFox service tackles the increasing risk of ‘insider threat’ by monitoring user behaviour and data movement, both on and off the network.

The system looks for suspicious behaviour including file transferring, data loss or theft, writing IP to removable media, tunnelling data through the dark web, ransomware and malware files entering the network and unauthorised or suspicious file access. It then alerts companies to anomalous or suspicious activity, allowing react promptly and effectively.

Matt Little, ZoneFox’s Chief Technology Officer told DIGIT: “Technology should benefit everyone, not just those with big cyber budgets. The mid-market is a prime target for hackers, but in the face of an ever evolving and sophisticated landscape they lack the manpower or skills in-house to proactively manage and track data as it traverses the network. We’ve sought to eliminate that pain point giving them the confidence they have the visibility they need, but taking away the complexity.

“ZoneFox breaks the mould for the UEBA industry, putting powerful AI and machine-learning technology directly into the hands of businesses regardless of size. The result is that every business can now access a highly secure, easy to deploy and cost effective solution.”

Zonefox Hosted UEBA Service LaunchedToby Bussa, Research Director at Gartner said: “For ZoneFox’s customers the strategy provides some attractive benefits. Firstly, it makes implementation easier for companies who have a mobile workforce. It doesn’t force them to VPN back into the corporate network to report back data (which generates a lag in reporting incidents) and to get updates. To this end, it removes the burden of maintaining the management infrastructure which would otherwise be a cumbersome endeavour.

Secondly, the use of AWS also means that customers can get a better service as the environment can be implemented faster, scale as needed and potentially deliver cost savings over time as computer and storage costs drive down. Lastly, organisations can run more intensive analytics which may not be possible if the technology was deployed on premise.

ZaaS, where 24/7 monitoring is implemented, will move the needle as it affords customers the ability to purchase the expertise they require, but leave their own teams to focus on incident response, incident handling and other higher value activities where knowledge about the IT environment and business is needed.

Companies can no longer afford to have staff distracted from higher value responsibilities, yet at the same time they need to bolster their detection and response capabilities. Managed detection and response services are the perfect, cost effective, resolution to this conundrum.”

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